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Create simple and effective online forms that respect your privacy. Formjelly is the simple form builder you need to create online forms, fast.

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Why Use Formjelly?

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Easy to Use

The easiest form builder around. Build useful forms for your business or website in a few simple steps. No coding needed.

How it Works

Simple & Memorable URLs

Say 'Goodbye' to long, complicated URLs. With Formjelly's paid plans, you can customize your URLs and make them memorable for easy integration every time.

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Secure SSL Encryption

Every form you create with Formjelly is secured with SSL. This ensures that your data—and your users' data—is always protected.

The Best Alternative to Google Forms

Formjelly provides a privacy-focused alternative to Google Forms, offering a secure form builder you can use to collect information with ease. Create contact forms, applications, intake forms, questionnaires, and more.

Join the #NoCode Movement

Join the thousands of users who have joined the #NoCode movement. With Formjelly, you can create simple, no-code forms that make collecting information easier than ever. Create unique, customizable forms in just a few clicks.

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Formjelly makes it easy to create interactive forms without sacrificing your data. Start creating your own online forms for free today.

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