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Yearly Monthly


  • 5 forms

  • 100 form entries

  • Unlimited form inputs

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$ 15 /month
  • 15 forms

  • 2000 form entries

  • Unlimited form inputs

  • Priority support


$ 24 /month
  • Unlimited forms

  • 7500 form entries

  • Unlimited form inputs

  • Priority support

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Small Medium Large
Unlimited inputs
Encrypted entry data
Custom form redirect logic
Custom form URLs
Removable Formjelly branding
File uploads
Forms 5 15 Unlimited
Entries 100 2000 7500
Support Standard Priority Priority

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Formjelly and how our online form builder can help you create effective, user-friendly forms in minutes.

How does Formjelly work?
Formjelly is online form builder software that allows you to create your own customizable forms, applications, and questionnaires in just a few steps. Simply create your free account and create your first form with our easy-to-use online builder. Choose from a variety of templates or build your own form from scratch. Then, send your form directly to users and start collecting information online.
Is Formjelly free?
We offer a free version of Formjelly that allows you to create up to 5 forms with 100 unique entries per month. This is the perfect option for individuals, small businesses, and teams. We also provide paid subscriptions for those looking to create more forms and accommodate a higher number of entries.
Can I cancel any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time. No contracts here!
Does Formjelly collect and use my data?
Formjelly is one of the best Google Forms alternatives because, unlike Google Forms, we respect your privacy and your data. Each form and the entry data you collect is encrypted so the information you collect stays secure.
Can I put Formjelly forms on my website?
Our form builder allows you to create unique forms that you can send to people directly via a shareable link or post on your website with a simple code. There is no HTML required in order to put a Formjelly form on your website. Join the #NoCode movement to create a simple form in minutes.
I need a bigger plan. Can you help?
We offer custom plans and pricing to those looking to create more forms and collect a higher number of entries. Contact us directly to discuss your options. We’re happy to help!
What makes Formjelly better than other form builders?
Most form builders require complicated code in order to create and integrate your online form. Many of them also collect the data you obtain through your forms, meaning your users' information may not be safe. Formjelly is secure and requires no code in order to create, customize, and post your own online form.

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